The best way to buy and sell a phone.

Get the most out of your phone, and the best deal on a new one. For now we are available only in Italy, but we’ll be launching soon in the UK. Stay tuned!

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Who we are

We are a Finnish company that wants to help people connect with each other and promote sustainable practices through technology. We know that when it comes to smartphones, people want convenience, reliability, and affordability. That's why we've created, a platform where people can both find quality phones at a fair price and get the best price from their old phone.

What can you do on

Our services

On our platform you can sell your old phone and buy a new one. Our pricing engine ensures fair prices for both buyers and sellers, and our phone recognition feature makes sure you will get the exact phone you want. On the app you can find the best deals on accessories too.




In our app you can buy phones that other users have listed for sale. Their price is based on model and condition, and you can choose the right phone for you. You can also buy accessories such as screen protectors and phone cases to make sure your new phone stays intact and in good condition. And if you`re still worried about something happening to it, you can buy insurance from us.



Sell is the easiest, and best way to sell your phone online. We use pricing AI and automatic phone recognition functions to make it simple for you. Listing the phone happens in just a few easy steps.




Not only is the best, easiest and most affordable way to buy and sell phones, it is also the easiest way to go green. We make it easy for you to save and earn money, as well as help the environment at the same time. Both your wallet and the planet will love, so stay tuned for the launch!

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